Environmental Sciences and Engineering News

David L. Johnson recipient of the 2005 Distinguished Alumnus Award

September 20, 2005 The Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering is pleased to announce Dr. David L. Johnson as the recipient of the ESE Distinguished Alumnus Award for 2005 and featured guest at the Department’s annual Fall Picnic held September 16, 2005. Dr. Johnson is currently Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the College of… Read more »

Lindsay B. Wicher Defends 9/6

September 06, 2005 Lindsay B. Wicher presents her Final Doctoral Dissertation Defense Tuesday, September 6, 2005 at 11:00am in 2005 Michael Hooker Research Center.Effects of Inhaled Combustion-Derived Particulate Matter on Indices of Cardiac, Pulmonary, and Thermoregulatory Function in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats Using a Novel Exposure Method To Characterize Dose (Under the direction of Dr. Louise… Read more »

Zhengi Ye presents Doctoral Final Oral Defense-8/26

August 24, 2005 Zhengi Ye presents her Doctoral Final Oral Defense this Friday, August 26th at 11:00am in 2005 Michael Hooker Research Center. Full abstract and details follow.Occurrence, Fate, and Transformation of Antibiotics during Drinking Water Treatment Abstract: Antibiotics are entering the environment via various pathways and have been detected at ng/L to low 5g/L… Read more »

Embrey Bronstad presents her MSENV final oral defense on 8/26

August 24, 2005 Embrey Bronstad presents her MSENV final oral defense this Friday, August 26th at 8:30am in 1304 McGavran-Greenberg. Full abstract and details follow.Impact of Wastewater Effluent on Antibiotic Resistance in Sediment-Associated Aeromonas Abstract: Because certain antibiotics can be excreted largely as the parent compound in human waste, questions have been raised concerning the… Read more »

ESE Welcomes Assistant Professor William Vizuete

August 22, 2005 The Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering welcomes a new faculty member, Assistant Professor William Vizuete, Ph.D. in July 2005. Dr. Vizuete has a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla, a Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas-Austin, and completed his PhD in… Read more »

Scott Winkel defends Master’s Technical Report on 8/5/05

August 09, 2005 Scott Winkel presented his Master’s Technical Report Final Defense on Friday, August 5th in 1304 McGavran-Greenberg at 9:30am. Full details follow.Interaction of Myeloperoxidase (MPO) Genotype with Glutathione S-Transferase Theta 1 (GSTT1), Hexachlorobenzene (HCB), T-nonachlor and Breast Cancer Risk Myeloperoxidase (MPO) is an enzyme located within azurophilic granules of neutrophils and lysosomes of… Read more »

Kenny Fent wins AIHCE 2005 Student Award

July 29, 2005 Kenny Fent (MS, Nylander-French Advisor) received the Dermal Exposure Assessment Subcommittee’s 2005 Student Award for his oral presentation, “Development of a Tape-Stripping Method to Quantify Dermal Exposure to Hexamethylene Diisocyanate,” presented at the 2005 AIHCE meeting held in Anaheim, CA on May 21-26, 2005.For further information please contact Rebecca Riggsbee Lloyd by… Read more »

Dr. Mark Sobsey joins with NCSU to identify

July 28, 2005 Dr. Mark Sobsey and his researchers in the Environmental Microbiology laboratory have been engaged in work to identify “Environmentally Superior Technologies” for treating swine waste on CAFOs in eastern North Carolina. This work is funded through the Animal and Poultry Waste Management Center at NCSU by an agreement with Smithfield Foods, Premium… Read more »

Bree Ferguson presents Technical Report Final Oral Defense on 7/22

July 21, 2005 Bree Ferguson presents her Technical Report Final Oral Defense on Friday, July 22nd at 10:00am in 1305 McGavran-Greenberg. Full details follow.Impact of Temporary Switches from Chloramines to Free Chlorine on Water Quality in Distribution Systems Many drinking water utilities that apply chloramines for secondary disinfection temporarily convert to free chlorine. The purpose… Read more »

David Love wins NWRI Fellowship

July 20, 2005 David C. Love (MSPH, Sobsey Advisor) was selected, out of over 40 applicants, to receive a National Water Research Institute (NWRI) Fellowship Award for $10,000, for the 2005-2006 school year. Love’s exemplary undergraduate record and matriculation to the doctoral level of graduate study impressed the committee. The committee thought that his research… Read more »