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We’re glad we can say ‘thanks!’

May 17, 2012   The School will always claim the Merrills as Tar Heels, even though they live in Virginia. Pictured (l-r) are Hamilton, Teri, Mark and Madeline (UNC class of 2013). Mark Merrill, MSPH, has been an active alumnus of the School for more than 25 years, serving several terms on the Public Health… Read more »

Maeve McGarry

December 27, 2011 Share   Undergraduate Environmental sciences and engineering   My studies and experiences here have taught me about the practical and cultural sides of global health in which I hope to work professionally some day.   –Maeve McGarry Trude Bennett, PhD, professor of maternal and child health, traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam, in fall… Read more »

Meghan Lewis

December 27, 2011 Share   Master’s student Public Health Leadership Program Meghan Lewis Meghan Lewis says one of the highlights of her time at UNC was a summer 2011 practicum as a Public Health Leader in Practice with Cabarrus Health Alliance, in Kannapolis, N.C. Lewis worked with Barbara Sheppard, the program director of the Healthy… Read more »

Jenna Garrett

December 27, 2011 Share   Master’s student Health behavior and health education Jenna Garrett Jenna Garrett grew up in a small town in the northwestern United States. When she left home, she discovered the world was much larger than she’d realized.   Garrett, right, stops for a conversation with two women in Honduras. Her world… Read more »

Spotlight on our students

December 27, 2011 Share   Why public health? The answer is evident to the more than 1,700 students at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. They want to stop the spread of disease, end poverty, promote health and education, stop wars — save the world.   Associate dean for global health Dr. Peggy Bentley,… Read more »

Urooj Amjad, PhD

December 27, 2011 Share   Postdoctoral research associate Environmental Sciences and Engineering The Water Institute at UNC   Urooj Amjad’s original inspiration for working on water issues was to explore water’s use as a tool for cooperation rather than conflict. In 1998, she researched Israel-Palestine water management issues. In emphasizing cooperation, she explored her related… Read more »

Jonny Crocker

December 27, 2011 Share   Doctoral student Environmental sciences and engineering About diarrheal disease According to the World Health Organization: Diarrheal disease is responsible for 4.8 percent of the global disease burden (2.2 million deaths each year). It causes 7.2 percent of the disease burden in developing countries, where children under age 5 suffer the… Read more »

Kimberley Geissler

December 27, 2011 Share   Doctoral student Health policy and management Kimberley Geissler Kimberley Geissler became interested in public health while completing an undergraduate degree in economics and chemistry at Williams College.   Her research interests center around health economics, quality of care, and access to health services for low-income populations.   “Research on these… Read more »

Jess Edwards

December 27, 2011 Share   Doctoral student Epidemiology   Jess Edwards Edwards examines a malnourished girl in Apante, Nicaragua. “Health and its accompanying issues, from the exotic to the mundane, shape our world,” Jess Edwards says.   “Health is a prerequisite for development on every level, from personal development through education to economic development through… Read more »

Victor Wenze Zhong

December 27, 2011 Share   Doctoral student, Nutrition Sanofi/UNC Global Nutrition Scholar   About diabetes   Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar.   According to the… Read more »