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Meghan Lewis

December 27, 2011 Share   Master’s student Public Health Leadership Program Meghan Lewis Meghan Lewis says one of the highlights of her time at UNC was a summer 2011 practicum as a Public Health Leader in Practice with Cabarrus Health Alliance, in Kannapolis, N.C. Lewis worked with Barbara Sheppard, the program director of the Healthy… Read more »

The Water Institute at UNC — adapt and thrive

May 27, 2011 A group of School faculty members and alumni gather at the launch of The Water Institute at UNC in October 2010. Jamie Bartram, PhD, knows it’s important to understand the impacts of droughts, floods and increasingly variable precipitation patterns. But the director of The Water Institute at UNC knows that’s not enough…. Read more »

Swa koteka — ‘It is possible’ to prevent HIV

May 27, 2011 This high school is located in South Africa’s Cunningmore A Village, one of 24 villages in which Swa Koteka will recruit study participants. Even without engaging in risky behaviors, young girls and women who live in South Africa have a 1-in-3 chance of contracting HIV. Audrey Pettifor, PhD, assistant professor of epidemiology… Read more »

Giving back – David Ballard and Michela Caruso

May 27, 2011 Drs. David Ballard and Michela Caruso David J. Ballard, MD, PhD, and his wife Michela Caruso, MD, are longtime supporters of UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. They are regular contributors to the Annual Fund and Building Fund and are founding benefactors of the Student Health Action Coalition Endowment Fund. Ballard… Read more »

The public’s health should not wait for solutions

May 27, 2011 The public’s health is too important to be kept waiting. All around us: New diseases emerge and spread throughout the world at sonic speed; old nemeses sometimes re-emerge in stronger, more devastating forms. Natural disasters devastate countries and reverberate around the world, challenging us to clarify our preparedness plans and training. Evidence-based… Read more »

From the Dean’s desk

May 27, 2011 Dr. Barbara K. Rimer Since the last issue of Carolina Public Health, much has changed — composition of Congress and our state legislature, political uprisings in the Middle East, earthquakes and a tsunami in Japan, and tornadoes and floods in the U.S. The global economy is improving in fits and starts. Revenue… Read more »

Why name a dinner ‘World of Difference?’

  May 27, 2011 Lucy Siegel, MPH, Lupe Huitron and Gladys Siegel (l-r) visit at the 2010 World of Difference dinner. We chose the name to show how support for the School’s people and programs makes a “World of Difference” in many ways — scholarships that allow promising students to complete professional degrees, professorships that… Read more »

From the Dean’s desk: Let’s get moving!

November 29, 2010   Dr. Barbara K. Rimer (photo by Lisa Marie Albert) Obesity is a major economic and health threat in North Carolina, the U.S. and around the world. The fact that obesity is spreading in an almost epidemic manner means that some countries still could intervene before it is too late – just… Read more »

We’re glad we had a chance to say THANK YOU

November 29, 2010   Mabel Johansson Alumna Mabel Smith Johansson passed away on Nov. 13, 2009. She is missed by all who knew her gentle spirit. Johansson, who received her Master of Public Health in public health nursing here in 1961, made annual gifts to the School and established a charitable gift annuity toward a… Read more »

Fat genes

November 29, 2010   Can we blame extra pounds on our genes? Several researchers at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health are identifying which genes may have an impact on body weight and investigating precisely how that impact occurs. Dr. Kari North     Dr. R. Coleman     Dr. Terry Combs   Dr…. Read more »