Penny Gordon-Larsen, PhD

Professor Department of Nutrition
Associate Chair for Research Department of Nutrition

T:(919) 962-6110

137 E. Franklin Street, Room 6124

CB #8120

Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Penny Gordon-Larsen is a professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Dr. Gordon-Larsen’s NIH-funded research portfolio focuses on individual-, household-, and community-level susceptibility to obesity and its cardiometabolic consequences, and her work ranges from genetic to societal-level factors. Much of her research focuses on issues related to ethnicity, disparities and development of obesity over the lifecycle, with attention to pathways linking environment and behavior to cardiometabolic risk.

Her published research has appeared in JAMA, Archives of Internal Medicine, Obesity, Obesity Reviews, Pediatric Obesity, Lancet and Pediatrics, among others. She has served as associate editor or as editorial board member of Obesity, Pediatric Obesity, Annals of Behavioral Medicine, Nutrition and Diabetes, and Health & Place and Annals of Human Biology.

Dr. Gordon-Larsen received the Eli Lilly Scientific Achievement Award from The Obesity Society in 2010. She is president-elect of The Obesity Society and will become president of the society in November 2015.
Honors and Awards

2015, The Obesity Society

2013, The Obesity Society

Editor's Choice Reviewer Award
2010, Obesity

Eli Lilly Scientific Achievement Award
2010, The Obesity Society

Delta Omega Society
2005, UNC-Chapel Hill

Editor's Choice Reviewer Award
2005, Obesity Research

Key Publications

Eighteen year weight trajectories and metabolic markers of diabetes in modernising China. Linda Adair, Penny Gordon-Larsen, Amy Herring, Annie Howard, Elizabeth Koehler, Elizabeth Mayer-Davis, Lauren Paynter, Barry Popkin, Amanda Thompson, Bing Zhang (2014). Diabetologia.

Dietary pattern trajectories during 15 years of follow-up and HbA1c, insulin resistance and diabetes prevalence among Chinese adults. Carolina Batis, Penny Gordon-Larsen, Michelle Mendez, Barry Popkin, Daniela Sotres-Alvarez (2014). Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

Genome-wide analysis of BMI in adolescents and young adults reveals additional insight into the effects of genetic loci over the life course. Goncalo Abecasis, G Abecasis, Najaf Amin, N Amin, Larry Atwood, L Atwood, Sonja Berndt, S Berndt, Stephen Chanock, S Chanock, Audrey Choh, A Choh, Richard Crout, R Crout, L. Cupples, L Cupples, Stefan Czerwinski, S Czerwinski, Rob Dam, Ellen Demerath, E Demerath, Cornelia Duijn, Thomas Dyer, T Dyer, Lakatta Edward, L Edward, Tönu Esko, T Esko, Caroline Fox, C Fox, Cucca Francesco, C Francesco, Penny Gordon-Larsen, P Gordon-Larsen, Mariaelisa Graff, M Graff, Richard Hayes, R Hayes, Nancy Heard-Costa, N Heard-Costa, Georg Homuth, G Homuth, Frank Hu, F Hu, Kevin Jacobs, K Jacobs, Mary Marazita, M Marazita, Andres Metspalu, A Metspalu, Keri Monda, K Monda, Mari Nelis, M Nelis, Julius Ngwa, J Ngwa, Tit Nikopensius, T Nikopensius, Kari North, K North, Ben Oostra, B Oostra, Lu Qi, L Qi, Serena Sanna, S Sanna, Paul Scheet, P Scheet, Sabine Schipf, S Schipf, David Schlessinger, D Schlessinger, John Shaffer, J Shaffer, Carlo Sidore, C Sidore, David Strachan, D Strachan, Alexander Teumer, A Teumer, Bradford Towne, B To (2013). Human Molecular Genetics, 22(17), 3597-3607.

Timing and duration of obesity in relation to diabetes: Findings from an ethnically diverse, nationally representative sample. Penny Gordon-Larsen, P Gordon-Larsen, Andrea Richardson, A Richardson, Natalie The, N The (2013). Diabetes Care, 36(4), 865-872.

Sociodemographic differences in fast food price sensitivity. Kiyah Duffey, K Duffey, Penny Gordon-Larsen, P Gordon-Larsen, David Guilkey, D Guilkey, Catarina Kiefe, C Kiefe, Katie Meyer, K Meyer, ShuWen Ng, S Ng, BarryM Popkin, B Popkin, JamesM Shikany, J Shikany, LynM Steffen, L Steffen (2014). JAMA Internal Medicine, 174(3), 434-442.


Post-Doc, Nutritional Epidemiology, UNC-CH, 2000

PhD, Human Biology, University of Pennsylvania, 1997

BA, Anthropology & Psychology, Tulane University, 1989